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Our Vision

Trustworthy, Professional, Responsible

We insist on providing our customers with reasonably priced world-class products to fulfill their needs, and have earned the affirmation of the consuming public. The reason is simple: it would be unethical for us to manufacture products with less or hazardous materials and deceive our clients with fraudulent advertising. What is more, we resolve to continue improving, innovating and perfecting ourselves in the area of product service in order to earn the trust and respect of our clientele, as well as lay a solid foundation for sustained business operation, which is why every member of ours strives to cherish, as well as learns to be grateful for every opportunity that our clients give us.





Our Service

Complete Sales and Service Channels

We insist on manufacturing all the series of cabinets in Taiwan in order to provide our clientele with the best products of best quality. Our technology team continues developing new models that are easiest to use, to let our customers enjoy the best products possible.





Your Use of Our Products Is Assured Because

We insist on truthful advertising to not deceive the consuming public. The dehumidification capabilities and accuracy of the humidity are all sampled and sent to the Center for Measurement Standards, ITRI for inspection and correction, in order to ensure their credibility.


Both EDRY high-molecule physical desiccant and microchip rapid dehumidification have been in applications and mass-production for over 10 years and are technologically mature. They have also received numerous patents and pioneered in many areas: A. airtight drawer-style storage cabinets; B. anti-humidity safes; C. air filtration and purification capable anti-humidity cabinets; D. rapid-dehumidification and anti-humidity cabinets, et al.


Our products have international certifications such as CE for compliance with EU safety regulations, LVD, EMC, et al, so the usage safety is well assured.


The sealed approval of ISO 9001 certification ensures the stability of our products from development, manufacturing to service.


The 20-year guarantee of making professional anti-humidity products, the worldwide marketing networks, the witness of numerous satisfied customers and a complete after-sale service system allow us to proudly present our made-in-Taiwan one-year warranty and lifetime repair guarantee to further make our service 24/7.