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microcomputer LED display


Outside Size:H570 x W790 x D400 mm

Inside Size:H490 x W785x D390 mm

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FD-150W Product Features



1. High efficient desiccating performance

IC Physical condensation desiccation provides 8 times faster than physical adsorption desiccation, reaching standard storage humidity level in about 30 minutes.
We cannot afford to wait and wait then wait again for desiccation, in particular for those dearest valuable items. IC Physical condensation desiccation applies the “temperature differential theory” to condense moisture in the air to allow quick desiccation. It will take more than 5 hours to complete desiccation from 70%RH down to 40%RH in a Dry Cabinet volume of 70 liters.EDRY patented technology will take about only 30 minutes which is 8 times faster than average physical adsorption Dry Cabinet.


2. Importance of desiccating speed

Everything has its own ideal storage humidity level. Only when the Dry Cabinet reaches storage humidity level, the stored item will release moisture impacted by the environment. Sometimes it takes hours or days in related to adsorbing and releasing the water content of the item as well as the desiccating capability of the Dry Cabinet. Faster desiccation of the Dry Cabinet results the quicker releasing of moisture in the stored item, and speedy returning to optimal condition of the item as well as reducing the aging process. If every door opening of the Dry Cabinet will take five hours or longer to desiccate, and with that many times of door opening a day, how long will it completes desiccating? Would you buy an air conditioner if it takes more than 5 hours to reduce the temperature to 28 degree Celsius?


3. Safe Energy Efficient Design

Desiccate Dry Cabinet is made of high temperature, fire resistance nylon plastic material in single piece mold capable of seamless fire protection and insulation protection. Thoughtful cartridge design makes it easy to dissemble for both impeccable convenience and safety. During desiccating process, there will not be thermal reaction or static and magnetic hazard. 9V DC low voltage operation is energy efficient as well as durable. No more need for disposing water or replacing consumables, to the music lovers, professional collectors or frequently storage and retrieval of industrial material. This is the most convenient and best helper.




Microcomputer stabilizes humidity,
improve storage quality



1. Perfected humidity control design

While you are treasuring your collection, there is no way you can stare at the hygrometer all the time. Intelligent microcomputer will help you with high sensitive sensor to detect and more effective, stable control of the humidity level. As soon as the humidity level is higher than the preset value, it starts desiccating immediately and stops immediately after the preset value is reached. Small Humidity fluctuation range controlled within ±2%RH will prevent your dearest items ageing and deterioration. The intelligence does not stop here. Microcomputer is designed with humidity level recording function to trace back the condition of storage environment, even with internet connection upgrade to monitor the humidity level on line which gives you a peace of mind all the time.


2. The importance of stable humidity control

Violin is a sensitive instrument. High humidity will cause the wood piece including backplane and front panel to expand and out of tune when absorbing moisture. Shrinkage will cause of violin body to crisp, out of tune and damage condition. Therefore, humidity control is important and professional. Stable humidity level will prevent those precious valuable items from damage and prolong the life span.


3. Professional and reliable calibration

EDRY humidity controller has been under continuous improvement during the past 20 years, not only it is stable and reliable, and submitted to Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute Center for Measurement Standards for 60, 50, 40, 30, 20% calibration. The performance of each calibration point must be within the allowed humidity range to be qualified. Only picky to create precise quality, isn’t it?






dry cabinet, dry box, humidity control, dry storage

Detail Attention Inside Out, Quality Design

What is taste? Taste is all the time, everywhere, crafted delicately even in the smallest detail. EDRY Medium Large Dry Cabinet is finished with Moisture Buster’s specialized high temperature painting and 3mm tempered glass, the cabinet looks gorgeously beautiful and superb touch with exquisite silver curve handle. In addition, the cabinet body is made of best grade 1 mm strengthened steel plate by China Steel. Bottom steel shelf is reinforced with cross weight support bar capable of storing extra heavy Medium Format SLR Camera or Travel Photography Lens. Moving the cabinet is never a problem with considerately designed optional moving wheel with brake under the cabinet. Tell you a secret, other than photography equipment you may hide your personal money in the cabinet with a safety lock or an optional custom-made combination lock of your personal codes. It cannot be opened and no one can do anything about it even your spouse found out.






use for more than 20 years of life span


Desiccating component has more than 20 years of life span. Many clients use EDRY products for more than 10 years without record of repair or maintenance and continuously recommend their favorite EDRY products to others.


Made in Taiwan or Free.


MIT (Made in Taiwan) is our honor as well as the guaranty of quality. “Made in Taiwan” represents quality, credibility, service, technology and trustworthy all over the world. This is the international approval of Taiwan’s product and we are proud of it: EDRY product insists in Made in Taiwan or Free. Buy with a peace of mind and be proud of using it.





Trustworthy Brand Name Guaranty

EDRY has been a leading desiccating product brand for the past 24 years. “Professional, Responsible, Trustworthy” are our goal as we insist our product to be the best in the world. We serve our clients with gratefulness and build our complete after sales service structure based on that belief.



Professional Certification

Production process is manufactured according to ISO 9001 international quality assurance certification and passed CE safety regulation certification as well as possess multiple leading patented humidity measurement and calibration technologies. Products are sold all over the world with favorable response and reputation.


Product Standards
Model FD-150W Desiccating Capability

Lower the humidity level from 70% RH to 40% RH in about 30 minutes.

Capacity 150L Desiccator’s Configuration Layout
Outside Size H570 x W790 x D400 mm Humidity Control Design Intelligent microcomputer control, touch control panel operation, LCD panel display.
Inside Size H490 x W785x D390 mm Cabinet body design Cabinet body uses 1mm strengthen steel plate

Upward/Downward adjustable board*1

Warranty Period
Desiccating Theory IC Physical Condensation Desiccation Average Power Consumption 8W
Humidity Control Range Humidity Control Range 25%~60%RH Power Source AC110V+10V 50/60HZ or customized AC220V+10V 50/60HZ or other customized power requirement.
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Customized Cabinet by appointment is available if the function, size or color specification does not meet your needs.
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