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Outside Size:H1425 x W460 x D625 mm

Inside Size:H278 x W378 x D545 mm *4

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 D-B4-4 Product Features

Patented Top Quality Super Dehumidifying Core

High Speed, Good Stability, Power Saving, Noise Free

EDRY has more than 30 years of experience in independent top quality professional 
dehumidifier research and development in Taiwan and possesses relevant technology. 
The patented semi-conductor chip is used in the dehumidifying technology, and the 
highly effective dehumidifying performance can reduce the moisture from 70%RH to 
40%RH in 30minutes. It can also maintain and stabilize the humidity within the ideal 
range. Furthermore, the micro-computer based smart auto-transformation power-saving 
mode can save a lot of power.

(1)The long-term steady humidity maintaining within the range allows 
     you to control the humidity easily.

The up and down humidity will not affect the quality of storage; there is no need for 
you to constantly adjust the humidity set for the moisture-proof cabinet because of 
external environmental changes. It is the same whether in winter, in summer, on a 
sunny day, or when raining.

(2) A design for precise humidity control 
The high precision humidity control prevents the humidity from dropping too much, 
which can cause cracking, aging, discoloring, deformation and other damages to 
the stored items (As shown in the diagram below, 40%RH is taken as the reference 
here. At this condition, there is no impact from climate change, and it is the best 
storage environment for prolonging the lifespan of items.) 

The 8-fold greater dehumidifying capacity allows 
dehumidifying task to be completed as fast as in
30 -60minutes.

(1)Achieving the idea humidity quickly

It is suitable for items with a high water content (for example, leather and paper) or in 
a high humidity environment (such as during the rainy season or the damp season).

(2) Users who need to open the door frequently

The humidity can quickly return to the set value even if the door has to be opened 
many times for fetching the stored items (it is recommended for those who need to 
open the door more than twice a day).

Ultra Power Saving

The power consumption is 25-fold less than that ofa dehumidifier. Moreover, it has 

a lifespan about 20 years.

Ultra Quiet

Your living quality will not be affected by noises because of the superb noise-free design.

Detail Attention Inside Out, Quality Design (B4)

Even document cabinet can be fashionable. EDRY flagship drawer series Dry Cabinet 
is finished with dark gray cabinet with creamy white drawers, dazzling scratch resistant 
varnish and superb touch with exquisite silver curve handle. Made of best grade 1mm 
strengthened steel plate by China Steel and magnetic hazard free airtight electrical 
design make it sturdy and durable with full length sliding track in order to be pulled out 
95% of the drawer.

Do not worry about too much or too heavy of the documents. Specially designed weight 
loading passed weight test (60 – 80 kg) from Taiwan Metal Industries Research & 
Development Centre.

The bottom of each drawer is designed with intensive punch holes to provide better air 
circulation. Desiccation is performed in every corner to maintain air tight even under long-
term use condition. Thoughtful design also includes adding universal hanging brackets to 
accommodate various sizes A4 or B hanging folders. If required, optional moving wheel 
with brake is available for purchase to make the cabinet relocation much easy and 
convenient. After relocation, use the adjustable brake post to prevent sliding.

LCD micro-computer humidity control panel 

Calibrated by ITRI / Easy operation / 24hr recording function

The built-in humidity micro-computer sensing device can precisely display and control the 
humidity in the box. The prototype has been routinely sent to the Center of Measurement 
of ITRI for calibration (30%, 40%, 50% and 60%RH). The rigorous control is to prevent 
non-conformity. The calibration point of each item has to be within the allowed RH tolerance.

Digital Panel Control Features

1)      The user can direct set up the desired humidity level. The operation is simple and can 
         be achieved easily. It is different from those knob controllers allowing only a range of 
         humidity to be set and requiring the humigity level to be frequently adjusted according 
         to the external environment and the water content of the stored items.

2)      It has a humidity recording function that records data every two hours. It can monitor 
    humidity changes in 24 hours. It is a machine that you can overall coordination. The 
    product shows your excellent personal taste.

3)      The technological micro-computer control panel is trendy both for the exterior design 
    and the overall coordination. The product shows your excellent personal taste.

Product Standards
Model D-B4-4 Desiccating Capability

Lower the humidity level from 70% RH to 40% RH in about 40 minutes.

Capacity 386L Desiccator’s Configuration Layout
Outside Size H1425 x W460 x D625 mm Humidity Control Design Intelligent microcomputer control, touch control panel operation, LCD panel display.
Inside Size H278 x W378 x D545 mm *4 Cabinet body design Cabinet body uses 1mm strengthen steel plate

Warranty Period Five years warranty
Desiccating Theory IC Physical Condensation Desiccation Average Power Consumption 16W
Humidity Control Range Humidity Control Range 20%~60%RH Power Source AC110V+10V 50/60HZ or customized AC220V+10V 50/60HZ or other customized power requirement.
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Customized Cabinet by appointment is available if the function, size or color specification does not meet your needs.
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